Planning For the Future


The Garden was blessed with the creative work of a local permaculture class. The students developed detailed plans for reshaping the Garden using permaculture principles.



At the November 3, 2016 steering committee meeting we began the discussion regarding these plans. We barely scratched the surface yet it felt very productive to start and listen to our questions and concerns.

We learned that these plans have multi-dimensional components, which means they incorporate community involvement potentials as well as structural changes. Reading the reports in invaluable for the bigger picture ideas offered in each. There were questions regarding drainage, educational opportunities, potential tree cutting/plant removal as well as economic sustainability of the garden moving forward. Clearly more than we might fully resolve in a 2 hour meeting, hence, we will continue and keep all posted the best we can.

If you would like to offer your ideas/questions/concerns please feel free to send an email and it will be shared with the group. It is a pivotal time and your thoughts count!