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Past Events

Luminaria Solstice Celebration

Thursday, December 21 6-8

Our annual celebration welcoming the return of the Light…

6-7:30pm –  join in placing candles around the garden

7:30-8pm –  share n the Universal return of the Light with song and celebration

We’ll be serving hot cider and baked treats.

Feel free to bring something to share – a song, cookie your presence…

Attached is the flyer you are welcome to print and distribute as well.

Hope you can make it! All are welcome.

Cheers with a warm blanket and a hot cuppa tea!

DJamil and the Leland Garden team

Past Events

Workday Saturday, December 16
10-3,  1pm Potluck
At the very least, we will put the tools and hoses away for the winter and look at a few ideas regarding upgrading the vegetable beds. If the snow melts, we’ll give a go to rake the leaves.
All are welcome!

Hello all,

I hope you are doing well. No matter the changes, I still love the fall…after we rake the leaves this year, we might enjoy the green grass and even pull a few more weeds!  🙂

Meeting this Thursday, December 8,  7-9

please call Adam Frost at 617-325-9526 for location
Acquiring the lot? Luminaria celebration, et al.
December Workday, Saturday, December 16 – details to follow
All are welcome!
We’re all in this together!
Take care,
DJamil and the Leland Garden team

Work-Play day

Saturday, November,18


1pm Potluck

Surely there will leaves to rake, beds to prepare for the ‘winter’. Maybe even a few bulbs to plant. We’ll talk about it at the meeting.

All are welcome…

Alas, a fond farewell to the tomatoes for this growing season. What a year, indeed!


Letter from Djamil and the Leland Garden team:

Workday Saturday October 21st

10 am to 3 pm, with 1 pm potluck lunch

We’ll be deep pruning lots of dead roses, planting garlic and kale, and may put some vegetable beds asleep for the winter. Please come by to get kale plants for your own garden!

Please read below about the wonderful garden party we had on Oct. 1st:


Hello all,

Wow! What a fantastic Garden Party we enjoyed…Many thanks to everyone who shared in the co-creation, including all those who attended. We raised over $600. as well!

If any pictures come my way, or if anyone would like to share their experience with the group, send it along and I’ll include in a newsletter.

 This poem kicked off the party and was offered by Deborah, one of the founding matriarchs. It was read in 1990 when the garden was first open and is still so relevant today.


The only thing that can save a city now
        is people
The only thing; not rectangles of gray concrete,
not tax-base blood,
not law-and-order fortresses,
nor even million-dollar bulldozers of decisions
        read from a blueprint
        Atumbling people

stuttering in underdeveloped languages

whose words create an impasse

which only touching hands can break.

Only people

can create, touch, dance,

move in unison to sing,

can act in any other medium but words

to do

to make together

out of nothing but themselves

small acts

small seats of shelter

small playground – parks for all

or yards or rooms or selves –

a city

block by block by block

of hands




Thanks again,

See you soon!

Past meeting: Thursday, October 5, General garden meeting

7-9pm @ Susan’s 73 Wachusett, Unit A

We’ll be reflecting on the event, looking on to the memorial for Lyn, etc…

All are welcome!

Letter from Djamil and the Leland Garden team:

Hello all,

Ok, yes, picking a date for this years party has been a story unto itself…yet, we have success to report!

Sunday, October 1, 1-4pm is the winner!

Confirmed as of this email are local musicians – Lisa, Emma, and maybe Larry; scavenger hunt for the kids; and an exciting fundraiser-raffle with gifts so far from Brassica, Dogwood, & Tikki Masala; home baked pies, cookies, book donations and Alex suggested we throw in there turning the compost for a month as well..! Why not?! 🙂

RAFFLE TICKETS ON SALE NOW and you don’t have to be present to win.

They cost $3-5 each (sliding scale)

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket, then email me to make arrangements at

Our wish list includes paying the water bill, new tools and a tool shed to name a few…

If you have ideas, suggestions or can help out at all on the day, please email me at

We thank you!

Here are a few lovely pics of our garden, Thank you Ellen!

Entering the Garden

​The aforementioned tools

​Peeking out over the herb beds behind the Crab Apple that was there before the garden…

Here’s an interesting read. Thank you Lindsey!

The mystery of the lost Roman herb

And finally,Thank you Vidya and all the staff working on our behalf at the Trustees! The September Gardeners Gazette is attached.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,


Trustees September Gazette:



Letter from Djamil and the Leland Garden team:

Hello all,

The tomatoes and green beans are ready for picking! Come and get them!

This Thursday, September  7, General meeting  6-8pm

in the garden. If it rains, we’ll meet at Susan’s

73 Wachusett, Unit A.

Thank you Susan!

We will be working on the upcoming Garden Party.

Our next workday is Saturday September 16th, 10- am – 3 pm, with a potluck lunch at 1 pm.  Pull weeds, harvest veggies, meet your neighbors.

Saturday, September 30 – Garden Party!

Sunday, October 1, raindate

more details to follow.

I hope you are doing well. It continues to be a summer of marvel, sadness and learning to embrace the great unknown, if you will…a full and meaningful summer it is turning out to be! In close is a brief update from Sadie as well.

 We have said farewell to Lyn Gaylord on Monday, August 7. She transitioned peacefully with her beloved grandson, Brendan by her side. She was one of the major matriarchs at work in the co-creation of the Leland Garden. She lived a long good life, 91, and we will always be grateful for the time we spent learning and growing with her. All who walk in the garden for as long as the garden exists will share in the love she had of the Earth and gardening…Thank you Lyn!

This pic is from a recent demonstration she attended in Seattle which was her last home. Her furry buddy, Champ, was often close by her. We love you Lyn…

Just a few days before the news of Lyn, the garden started filling up with large Butterflies…first thee were the black ones, then the large yellow ones who turned out to be Swollowtails…and then, over this past weekend the Monarchs passed through in numbers I could not count…Honestly, I lost count as I enjoyed my tea in awe observing the various flowers that they paused on to nurture and nourish themselves on their long journey back to the volcanic mountains of Mexico where they will breed and start all over again… What a balm for the Soul to witness the return of the Monarch…I must offer my whole hearts gratitude for Kathleen’s attention to making sure the Leland Garden offers Milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace, and many other flowers just for them. The Milkweed has been allowed to grow itself over the past several years and it seems word got out! Thank you Kathleen!

In close I will offer this inspiring note from Sadie that speaks for itself. Attached you will find the recent Gardeners Gazette from Vidya at the Trustees.     TrusteesBostonGardenersGazette -Aug’17


Djamil and the Leland Garden Team

from Sadie:

“Thank you so much for the support that you have extended to Otis and me at this deeply difficult time in our lives.

It is humbling, breathtaking, strength-giving to know how much love there is in this community that is banding together to hold us up right now.

A counselor I recently met with at The Children’s Room (a wonderful center for grieving families in Arlington) made the analogy of grief turning one’s life into a braid. Our lives will never be the same, and our pain and grief will not be something we ever move past or overcome. Rather, our memories of Waylon and our life with him will become one part in a braid that continues to get woven together into our life’s complex and beautiful story. You all are also part of our life in this way, pleating together individual strands of love into a strong collective braid.

Thank you from the depths of my broken but beating heart. My cup is both empty and full simultaneously. It is through generosity such as yours that there is hope for the future – not just for our family, but also for the greater world, in which suffering and pain is all too common. I have always believed in the inherent goodness inside of every human being, and the power of altruism and love to prevail over all of the darker tendencies of our species. You are living proof of that, and I love you.

Thank you so very much,



Garden Workday Saturday, August 19th

10 am to 3 pm, with 1 pm potluck lunch

All are welcome…your presence is always enough!

We’ll be working on laying out woodchips, harvesting collards, cherry tomatoes and whatever herbs are ready. We’ll also be meeting and greeting people who come into the garden and want to learn about Boston’s only co-operative garden.

Anyone passing through the garden is welcome and encouraged to check and  help keep  the bird bath near the bees full of water (there is a small bucket beside it) and pick up the trash along their way. Many thanks!


DJamil and the Leland Garden Team


Thursday, August 3, 2017, 7-9pm

General meeting in the garden (back up location 15 Leland St. #2)

 Woodchip Weekend

Great news!

Boston Tree Company will drop off the woodchips around 2pm today (Thursday, July 13). Apparently, they have been helping a lot of community gardens sharing our Tree Ancestors…woodchips! 🙂

And, we have decided to have a Woodchip Weekend!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

9am – Yoga with Nicole and Deborah continues…

10.30am-3pm – Play-Meet-Work

1pm – Potluck

Also, Amanda will come and start some mushroom spores in some of the woodchips on Saturday for those so inclined to  the rich world of fungi..!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

10ish until whenever

moving those woodchips!

There will likely be spontaneous celebrations, food sharing, and good people…

a few of us might start moving them this afternoon after they arrive.

More good news…!

Owner occupied 3 bdrm. apartment available on Weld Hill St.
Contact Sara Buermann 617.524.0685 for more details

Attached is the latest Boston Gardeners Gazette from Vidya at the the Trustees

I hope you can make it, and if you can’t, I hope you have a great weekend all the same.

Thank you Boston Tree Company!


DJamil and the Leland Garden Team

Herb Tour of the Garden

Hello all,

A quick invite to join Kathleen and Larry this Saturday, June 24, 10am, to walk through and identify the tremendous wealth of permaculture herbs that already exist and thrive in the Leland Street Cooperative Garden. Larry will be photographing to help make this information more accessible to all.

It will be a rather focused event. All are welcome!



Yoga and WorkPlay Day in the Garden

Saturday, June 17, 2017 we have a fine line up!

9am – Yoga in the Garden with Nicole Pelletier and Deborah Schwartz to start our day

10-3pm – Work-playday: lots of weeding and the like. Your presence is always enough…

 1pm  –  Potluck:  meet the neighborhood!

The Vinyasa Yoga class is free and open to all ages and levels. To quote their flyer:

“This class series is designed to build community in the Forest Hills neighborhood, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual health.  All levels (including beginners) welcome. Please bring mat or towel (we will have a few extra); sun screen, sun glasses, water and/or coffee. This is a community space, so be prepared for dogs and their humans to walk through the garden.”

Visit to Paradise Lot in Holyoke

This past weekend, many Leland gardeners went on a special field trip to Holyoke to visit Paradise Lot, Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates’ 15 year-long experiment in permaculture on a small urban lot. You can read about the garden at

Hello all,

I hope you are doing well with our manic weather  and all. It’s surely having an impact on the garden. The rain, so welcome, revived a lot of the plants we almost  lost in the drought last year, including some of our invasive weeds…look out for the Nettle and the Bishops weed! These are both healing herbs and are most challenging in a community garden setting. The Nettle has little thorns, even the little ones,  and the Bishops weed literally takes over and has already claimed two shrubs…If you have any organic (no Monsanto RoundUp here!) suggestions for removing the Bishops Weed, please share.

Planting is underway with the Tomatoes, and a few others in the ground with more awaiting their places.

Saturday, May 27, 11-2 more Planting, Cleaning up and playing in the garden.

The focus will be getting the seedlings situated in the ground, so bring a snack if you like.

Thursday, June 1,  7-8.30
General meeting in the garden. If it rains we’ll move to Deborah’s @ 15 Leland Street #2.

At the last meeting we thoroughly looked into the prospect of growing mushrooms and find we have everything we need. It, like so many ideas, are awaiting the timing and people power to make them happen.

We continue to watch our neighborhood transform with condos selling and new people arriving, or soon to arrive. I have enjoyed meeting kind people and their children and dogs consistently just finding their way around and more people, whom I have not met, sending emails requesting to be added to this list…Welcome all! It seems to me that the Leland Street Cooperative Garden has a Soul of its own and it is a pleasure to be able to help it make this transition for the next generations to love and care for…We are all in this together!

And I saw the first Monarch passing through as well..a big yellow one! Many of  you may know that we didn’t have any for a couple of years and they seem to be making their return.

On the tough days, it helps me to remember this amazing Being was once a Caterpillar…

Wishing you all the best,

DJamil and the Leland Garden team

General Garden Meeting Thursday, May 4th 7 pm – 8:30 pm at the Garden– All are Welcome!

A note from Djamil and the Leland Garden team:

Hello all,

I hope you are doing well. Rolling up our sleeves, we are hitting the dirt. Heads up that this is a high tick season so far with many sightings and bitings so please take care…do a tick check each night when you’ve been out in nature during the day

Thursday, May 4, General Meeting

7-8:30 in the Garden (@ 15 Leland St. #2 adjacent the garden if it rains)

We have some fun things to talk about! Dan and Amanda are both interested in bringing mushrooms to the garden and will be there to explore this opportunity. The mushrooms will be cultivated in the Peace Garden which is an area that is yet owned by the city between the garden and Barlow St. It is also currently used as a passive compost.

All are welcome!

Saturday, May 13 – Plant pick up – We Need Drivers!

1. Pick up pre-ordered seedlings @ Revision House in Roxbury

2. City Natives in Mattapan, a Trustees sponsored plant sale featuring City Native cultivated plants, and local farmer offerings – herb, Vegetables etc.
3.  Herb Society of New England plant sale at Elmbank in headquarters of Massachusetts Horticulture Society in Wellesley.

If you have a car and would like to share a few hours picking up plants at either of these locations, please let us know ASAP. We’re hoping to get to all, if possible.

Also, if you would like to contribute funds for the new season plantings, our current balance is $52.00.  Please call Adam Frost 617-325-9526 to get instructions for donating.

Sunday, May 14, Planting the goodies from the plant sales as determined by the need on Saturday  11-2

That’s it for now. Ready, Steady, Go! 🙂

Many thanks for your interest, love and support of the garden!

All the best,

DJamil and the Leland Garden Team

Workday, Saturday, April 22

Our last workday was Saturday, April 22, 10 am – 3 pm, with a potluck lunch at 1 pm.

All are welcome…your presence is always enough!

We cleaned out the beds, and got ready with the permaculture plans to continue exploring their potential manifestation.
Thank you to the Angels who turned the compost and removed the gravel.

Anyone passing through the garden is welcome and encouraged to check and  help keep  the bird bath near the bees full of water (there is a small bucket beside it) and pick up the trash along their way. Many thanks!

We’ll be celebrating Earth Day, by doing  Spring cleaning in the garden. We’ll prune, meet the plants that are sprouting, and prepare for planting. All  are welcome– you don’t need any gardening experience to join us, and we promise you’ll get lots of experience your first day!  People of all ages will find good work to do.

Please call Adam Frost at 617-325-9526 if you have any questions about the workday or the garden.


Garden Steering Committee Meeting was held Thursday, April 6, 7-9

Welcome Bees!
The first hive has arrived and we wish them all the best! Thank you Larry.

Here is a link to the Spring Events with Boston Food Forest Coalition:

Three cheers to New Beginnings….

We look forward to meeting you all in the garden real soon.

Take care,


From Djamil:
A heartfelt thanks to Vidya Tikku, General Manager, Boston Community Gardens and the team  from the Trustees for pulling off a truly inspiring Gardener’s Gathering. I learned a lot and enjoyed some familiar faces as well. Ladonna Redmond  spoke the truth in her keynote pointing out what a revolutionary act a community garden is, especially in the time of #45, as she put it…The Earth belongs to all and we have a right and a responsibility to show up as never before.

Soup Night / Birthday bash – Judy, Emmett and all February birthdays

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

6.30 – 9pm

Please call Adam at 617-325-9526 for location.

Potluck – bring soup or appropriate accompaniments. All are welcome.

Also, there will be a donation hat available if you would like to contribute.  The seed order will be placed the following Friday (see Kathleen’s message on the home page).

We had a garden steering committee meeting Thursday, February 2nd from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The meeting was quite spirited. Though we never rolled out the plans in full, we did decide to focus on the compost and the welcome/entrance to the garden. Also, in the picture img_0668you can see on the ground to the right one of the sandwich boards that Deborah contributed to the garden. We hope to reach more of our immediate community who are likely not receiving this email… Now, of course, they are all under snow….patience is the gift of patience I’ve heard it said. And the garden is absolutely stunning today draped in white. I can only send you my awe …

Solstice Celebration

In December, lots of people joined in the Luminaria Solstice Celebration at Leland St. Cooperative Garden,  where we welcomed the Return of the Light by putting candles all around the garden!

Long Term Future Visioning Meeting this past November 2016:

Recently, the Leland Garden was chosen as a site for in-depth exploration of permaculture possibilities by a local permaculture class. There have been several plans created and at this meeting we looked at them together to explore the possibilities. To learn more about this process, go to Planning For the Future